A Small Moment of Victory

I have been trying to reorganize the site to reflect the separation between Javascript (View/Controller) and C# (Model) alongside the Javascript framework effort. I have finally succeeded.
I now have two Visual Studio projects. One is ASP.NET MVC. It connects to the database. It serves JSON objects (see my explanation of the Category/Detail demo app below). The other is pure Javascript (it has a working installation of Javascript MVC for now). I also have configured IIS7 to have a domain sandbox.local that points to the Javascript site. In addition, it has a subordinate application, sandbox.com/data, that points to the ASP.NET MVC project.

I grabbed my previous AJAX demo page and moved it to the Javascript project. Revised it so that the jQuery Post URLs point to "data/..." and Voila!! I have a working project.
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Good luck with your project. Let me know if you have any difficulties. A good rule of thumb with JMVC is that it really doesn't do much for you, it just offers suggestions on how to organize your code ...

Event Handlers -> Controller
HTML Fragments -> Views
Ajax Requests -> Static Model methods
Domain Methods -> Prototype model methods

As someone who is dipping their toe into JMVC, I'm interested on what you find challenging / annoying / etc. JavaScriptMVC has largely been written to make my consulting life easier. I hope it can do the same for you. Thanks,