Apache Virtual Hosts == IIS Host Headers

I learned this fact, after substantial research, from Microsoft itself.

So, I am trying to make this work. First, I fired up Visual Studio and created a new project, Hello World!! I tell it to show me the site, it calls the web browser with a long port number, ie, localhost:1234859. It works. Life is good.

I head over the IIS control panel, following the instructions. The basic premise is that you find an item called Sites, tell it to add a new one, and enter some info. I take a look at the default website and figure out what folder to refer to. After a couple of tries, I have an item that looks mighty good.

I try it and get "Firefox can't find the server at www.sandbox.local."

Thinking that there might be something wrong with my site, I revise the entry to point to inetpub/wwwroot.  No dice. Lots of other random stuff. No dice.

There is something called "Pass Through Authentication" which has a 'Test" button on the configurator. It doesn't pass. I think that, tomorrow, I will investigate this.
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Could it be a DNS issue? Is your BIND set to forward sandbox.local to the right IP address?
This is great. As you can see from the peregrinations listed above, that's exactly what it is, though in the localhost context. I wish that I had thought to check for comments earlier. I had thought of this as a sort of lab notebook. If it turns out that it's a conversation with smart people, I'm going to get all verklempt, tears of joy, even.