Architecture in a JMVC World

(This is a post I put on the JMVC google group. I include it here in case anyone that reads it has any thoughts and so that I can refer to it myself. If you're smart about this sort of stuff, I'm sure the people at the group would like you to increase their knowledge in the context of the post over there.)

I now have a demo app running and have used many features of JavascriptMVC. I am able to operate the tool in a rudimentary way. Now I am starting to figure out how to do things that I know I will want to do in the future. First among these is global navigation but I am very unsure how JMVC wants me to do it. It occurs to me that this might be something that is interesting to others and I sure could use some advice.

I want to have a set of controls of some sort that, when clicked, each provide a different work context. Think, Page A supports Data Entry, Page B supports Reporting and Analysis. Each wants to have completely separate functions. I think that the basic organization is that I want to have a document controller, call it the AppOvervallController and, then I want to have PageAController, PageBController, etc.

Given this, I would have the global navigation receive a click (though this is mysteriously failing right now) and tell the current page controller to clean up and die, and then tell the newly clicked controller to hop into action. Presumably, that controller would need to have some number of application elements that do things. 

For my demo, Page A has a category list that, when an item is clicked, tells a detail list to fill itself with appropriate details. At present, the category and the detail are each a separate controller.

Really, I'm looking for discussion about whether this is the right way to think. But, I'm also wondering if those category and details are supposed to be in their own controllers? Am I supposed to have a controller for every operating <div> in the app? That also means that I have a separate view folder for each, probably containing only one file. That seems messy to me.

That's enough to ask but, I have one more thing to toss in. On the JMVC website, I see that I can execute a statement like:

TodosController = Controller.extend("todos",{...));

Where "todos" refers to a DOM element named "todos" (id?). Is this how I should be creating my category and detail controllers?

Thanks for any advice.