Dave Winer Strikes a Blow for Freedom

I started my web career with this guy's software. He's an original blogger and podcaster whom I've been reading since the nineties. He's done a lot of interesting things but now he's doing something important.

He has put together a Javscript/Browser blog editing environment that is not tied to any predefined external service. He's making a big point of keeping all open source. One of his major ideas is creating ecosystems. I think this will establish an important niche.

The reason it's important is that it will allow us to establish a web presence without relying on some big company's software. For the most part, anyone who wants to blog or otherwise express him or herself on the web has to use Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, hosted Wordpress, Tumblr, etc. That is, you put yourself at the mercy of their terms and conditions. Worse, your information is stored on their servers where it is probably hard to retrieve for posterity, reuse or backup - if you can get it at all.

Dave's thing is intended to counter that. As I understand it, pre-release, he has defined a protocol for storing data from the browser that can be implemented on any server you want. He also has created a NodeJS component that implements the protocol. All open source.

With his other Javascript things (he calls them "snacks"), he has made configuring and using them an entirely browser-based experience. It sounds like this might require creating a storage location this time. We will see.

However, he has often expressed a philosophical viewpoint with which I agree heartily that being free requires that we be able to communicate on our own terms with technology that is sufficiently decentralized that we cannot be shut down. I'm looking forward to his release of his MyWord Editor Project.


Dave provides additional explanation.