Screwy qTip2 Behavior Bug Report

The qtip is supposed to be pointing to the top left of the word, Terms. Instead it's pointing to the bottom left:

But right next to it, set up in the same way, the word Delivery has it's tooltip correctly placed at the top left of the target:

And if I reorder the display without changing anything else, the tooltip moves to its proper place:

The bad tooltip also flickers, though I suspect that's because the tooltip is placed over the target.

Here is the html table visible in the screenshot:

<table style='width:690px;text-align:center;'><tr>

<td style='width:200px;text-align:center;'><span class='tooltipAbove' title='Call us at xxx/xxx-xxx and we will set you up.'>Refund</span> &bull; <span class='tooltipAbove' title='Information entered is only used to fulfill this order.<br/>It is never shared with anyone. Period.'>Privacy</span></td>

<td id="copyright">&#169; 2012 Ten Sigma. All Rights Reserved.</td>

<td style='width:200px;text-align:center;'>
<span class='tooltipAbove' title='This product is activated using our website<br/>at'>Delivery</span>
<span class='tooltipAbove' title='If you do not wish to pay immediately by credit card,<br/>please contact us at xxx/xxx-xxxx and we will work something out.'>Terms</span>


(Be quiet. I like to make it look good and move the styles to class later.)

Here is how the qTip is activated:

position: {
my: 'bottom left',
at: 'top left'

Any thoughts?