Sonicwall Port Forward Example

I found way too many explanations for how to configure Sonicwall to forward a an external port to an internal destination. Everyone seems intent on trying to explain too much until I can to this old (2017) one by Sonicwall's M. G. Sriram Iyer. It's like a dream come true, just the specifics of creating the capability. I took notes.

My specific need was to forward traffic on port 9000 to port 9000 on a specific internal system.

Create address object for internal and external addresses

[on my system, this already exists as Default WAN]

[eg, New Internal Address Object points to the internal IP address]

create service definition assigning TCP (or whatever) to the internal port number 

[eg, New Internal Port Assignment Service points to port 9000]

create firewall->access to allow traffic, WAN/LAN

service: http

source: any

dest address: address object (eg, Default WAN)

dest service: service object (New Internal Port Assignment Service)

_must be above (priority) any deny rule_

create NAT Policy to translate and forward traffic

orig source: any

orig dest: an address object (Default WAN)

orig service: http

trans source: origin

trans dest: an address object (New Internal Address Object)

trans service: service object (New Internal Port Assignment Service)

inbound interface: X1